Addie Is Back on Stay Mad Radio


Exclusively on “Stay Mad Radio” We have Addie Virgin, the one who narrowly escaped from East Germany when it was still controlled by communist Russia. This is a return installment of her stories from behind the iron curtain.

From 3 weeks ago, to now, Addie and I have been Emailing each other and I have been collecting stories as she has recalled them. I have collected quite a bit, and although she’s quite modest about her story, I find it gripping and quite amazing. I have learned lot about what communism turns into after a while. She is the proverbial “canary in the coal mine”.

She can see things happening here in America that set off warning bells inside her. One thing she says is that “Political Correctness” is a form of herding and driving people and forcing them to forfeit their freedom. The most basic of freedoms is: Freedom of thought.

Join us again tonight for more of her story as told by her. She poured her heart out on her last appearance, and this one will also be an emotional journey.

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