We had some real heavy snowfall that winter and our little hills were so much fun to sled and ski on. One of these hills is called “die Ziegelscheune” what a funny name, I often wondered who invented it? Up and down we raced and climbed with our sleds, it was just so much fun. […]

Herr Haendel’s Sheep

It had been a tough school day because we had a difficult math test. Math never was my fave, it took concentration.. the one thing I was never too good at. But I do have an excuse for this, I dare say that with an empty stomach you can’t think about anything but food, and […]

All About Sugar!

In an old abandoned restaurant, there was a big room upstairs. This restaurant had been closed for years and there was nothing interesting about it. One day though, this changed. Up and down the cobblestone street that ran in front of our house people were pulling little handcarts with huge bags in them. The street […]

An Meine Deutschen Leser

Viele von Ihnen kennen meine Erinnerungen, entweder weil Sie es selber erlebt haben oder Oma hat es erzaehlt ! Eigentlich haette ich ja alles auf deutsch schreiben sollen aber das haette meinen Leserkreis vermindert, glaube ich. Alles Beeindruckende und Erinnerungswerte hab ich nun beschrieben und ich werde weiter schreiben, wenn ich mich an mehr erinnern […]

The Iron Curtain

On May 9th – 1945 the “Iron Curtain” was built in Germany, dividing my homeland for almost 1/2 a century. After the Americans traded our part of Germany to the Russians for a part of Berlin, we were again under “total control!” What was the difference between being controlled by the evil Nazi regime and […]

Aehren Lesen and The Church Bell

We went “Aehren lesen” meaning we picked up the heads of wheat, rye.. oats etc, that were left in the harvested fields. My siblings and I were very good at this. We could tell if someone had made a real find! Quickly moving in on the finder.. our bags were filled quickly. It truly was […]