Delicious Bubbles

I was sick a lot and it was my tonsils. We found a doctor, who always gave me “Panflamin” and I liked it because it tasted like candy. It made my urine a bright yellow.

My girlfriends and I would have contests to see, who had the yellowest urine.. I always won. But my tonsils never got better only worse. In Halle we found another doctor who said he could take those tonsils out. So I jumped on Rickety to go to Halle to see this doctor. He said “Sit now on this chair here, then open wide”. I obeyed. Before I knew it, he stuck a huge needle into my throat, I guess to numb my throat.. because suddenly the middle of my throat was numb, The doctor then took some sharp thing and started to peel my tonsils out, piece by piece. It didn’t hurt, but it bled a lot. Blood was dripping down me.. I kept thinking that I soon would be empty of blood.. because there just was so much of it. Doctor kept working on me, but I didn’t feel anything, I just sat real still and I was a bit scared.

Then he said: “You stand up now, we are done. Try and find something cold to suck on, anything cold !”So, am thinking..”What would be cold? ” I had heard of ice cream.. yes but.. where would I get ice cream? Very very funny, I thought. Rickety took me along that big street.. that was leading me “Back home to Brachwitz.”That’s when I noticed something, There was a long line of people in front of a little store.. just across the big street.

The people who had bought what that store was selling all had something that looked like cones with a huge mountain of bubbles in their hands. Oh.. that looked so good, I wanted to have some. I had some change in my apron pocket, crossed that street and stood in line. A woman yelled at me :”Hey kid, you are bleeding “I yelled back:”I know the doctor just cut out my tonsils”… leave me alone old woman, I want my bubbles. Finally it was my turn and I purchased my cone with bubbles. Who knows.. it must have been something like ice cream, I thought. It looked delicious and I could not wait to stick my very bloody tongue into those scrumptious looking bubbles. Ouch.. the stuff was bitter, but I kept licking, because it just looked so delicious. So.. I kept licking away.. on soap bubbles. This store made lots of money selling very starved people something that looked delicious. They somehow had figured out, how to get this machine they had.. to squeeze out bubbles. At the end of that machine.. they put soap.. and somehow the machine made the soap bubble.. and we eagerly ate it, til we were sick. At that time I did not know yet I was eating soap.. all I knew was that it looked so good. Later on I figured….. the hole where my tonsils use to be.. must now be real clean, and I no longer would get “Panflavin” which tasted much better than those bubbles.

This is an isolated memory, and I thought I should talk about it, because it’s a very very vivid one.

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