Brachwitz and Southern Cal

How do I say what I mean here? Southern California is like Heaven.. and Brachwitz is a tiny muddy, from all the rain.. village. In California the skies are always an unblemished blue.. or so it use to be. It’s now always dotted with these very strange configurations, that just are not clouds.

Watching it daily, seeing all those planes that are leaving behind trails.. that just are not contrails. Something is being sprayed.. 24 / 7 .. and I have read much about it.. but no one offers a clear explanation on what exactly it is. Bottomline conclusion.. we are being sprayed with something. Checking with family and friend in Brachwitz.. they are observing the very same phenomena.

Do people pay attention? I don’t really know, but I sure wish that they did. The sun is dimmed.. worse yet, we here in Southern California do no longer get rain.. we are in a horrible drought. Our agriculture is huge, but there’s no more water to efficiently water the food bowls.

I also heard of “HAARP” playing around with the jetstream…. thus controlling the weather.. as good as I can understand this. Either way, I am hugely upset about it.. Sunny California now is a dimmed California. White skies don’t cut it.. it’s obvious


  1. Cheryll (aka Shopgirl49 on Twitter) says

    I’m already intrigued…thanks for sharing.

    I also see the chem trails we so often talked about on Twitter.

  2. LichtMensch says

    Ich wohne ebenfalls in SoCal (San Diego), and I’ve been HUGELY upset with the durn chemtrails for many years now (even long before I found out the name of them, I used to notice that whenever that scuzzy yarmulke was up there, the air would feel 12 degrees hotter than the thermometer was actually registering)! There’s some sort of official Drought Agency (forgot the exact name): a few years back, I read that they were absolutely dumbfounded as to what was causing the nation’s drought, bec. none of the 4 factors they used to do their research were out of kilter. I thought, “HMPH! You need to add another factor, aka chemtrails!!!” But of course, since nobody can actually go up there, bottle some of them, and have them investigated by a lab, we can’t prove anything, and the PTB can simply continually either waffle about them, or deny their existence (“It’s just persistent contrails! They’ve been around since WW2, and scientists’ve been studying them ever since then!”), or claim that they’re simply due to the global warming (when in FACT?!? They are contributing to the hotter weather!). It is heartbreaking that we can’t even enjoy God’s free gift of beautiful blue skies anymore. (Even in a video about Siberia, there was a plane scratching a thick white poison swath across the pristine azure sky there!)

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