Until I Remember More

I would like to share a profound Truth: To trust in God completely, is an awesome gift. We all are human and no human can be trusted completely. There is an empty spot in every human heart that only God can fill. We can not even trust ourselves.. we are feeble human beings. There is no […]


At this point, and after my recent post “Angry Child” I feel it necessary to explain how I see a Lutheran pastor. The same probably applies to pastors of many other denominations. They are well dressed, ‘spiffy’ as Addie would say, their hands are well manicured, their demeanor is very gentleman-like, they are well educated […]

Who Is Jesus?

Much later, as an adult, I met an American in Hamburg, and I (legally) immigrated to the US.. in California to be exact.. where we got married. But my blog shall remain talking about my childhood, because Adult-Blogs are a dime a dozen.. so I will keep mine to myself.. except for 1 thing. I […]

Brachwitz and Southern Cal

How do I say what I mean here? Southern California is like Heaven.. and Brachwitz is a tiny muddy, from all the rain.. village. In California the skies are always an unblemished blue.. or so it use to be. It’s now always dotted with these very strange configurations, that just are not clouds. Watching it […]