Until I Remember More

Woman-FreedomI would like to share a profound Truth:

To trust in God completely, is an awesome gift. We all are human and no human can be trusted completely. There is an empty spot in every human heart that only God can fill. We can not even trust ourselves.. we are feeble human beings. There is no feeling in earth like being able to completely trust in someone. And indeed we have this “someone!” He is “The Great I AM,” He is Jesus, He is God, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. I love God, yet God loved me first !

These thoughts just came to me, I wrote them down here.. and I hope they will be a blessing to my readers too.. as they are to me! Til soon, I feel my memories stirring already ;))


  1. David Mulldune says

    Addie, it is your childhood experiences that have brought you to where you are today and that is a good place. It is so true that, “There is an empty spot in every human heart that only God can fill” and very few realize this fact but you do. You are an amazing and gifted writer, a blessing to your readers (and I’m sure to those around you), and loved by God. Awesome…keep your memories stirring!

  2. David your wonderful comment stirrs up many questions in me. Of course not only questions but thoughts like: is God pleased with the way I write down my thoughts and memories.. is He pleased with the many conclusions I draw from foregoing experiences ?! The experiences are the cold hard facts life tossd at me. My conclusions are the endresult of what my life is and who I am today !
    All of the experiences in our lives.. have shaped us into who we are today.. even at this very moment. Looking over all and everything.. is who we have become pleasing to ourselves, and the real big question:Is who I am today pleasing to my creator? No one can answer this question.. and according to my personal belief, this question will be answered one day !
    As for today, I am doing the Best I can to not hurt, damage or destroy the tiniest living thing, this of course does not include weeds.. and other destructive and / or negative things.
    The most important thing is love. It is a tall order to ” love your enemy, etc”. But this ” Love” is the unconditional kind only God can imput into our hearts. I will continue to write about many more things .. that I have not yet touched on !

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