Onkel Julius Caesar

Ich hatte einen Onkel.. er hiess Julius Caesar ! Seine Toechter waren meine Cousinen.. mit denen ich viel Spass hatte. Der Onkel Julius jedoch.. tja, der war ein verbogener Nazi. Als der Krieg zu ende ging and verloren war.. kam Onkel Julius zu meinem Vati und bat ihn.. ihn zu verstecken. Onkel Julius hatte Angst […]

Addie Is Back on Stay Mad Radio

Exclusively on “Stay Mad Radio” We have Addie Virgin, the one who narrowly escaped from East Germany when it was still controlled by communist Russia. This is a return installment of her stories from behind the iron curtain. From 3 weeks ago, to now, Addie and I have been Emailing each other and I have […]

This Communism Stuff is Great!

Oh sure! Communism: Equality for all. A “classless” society! Won’t that be grand!…..really?  Of course communism has never worked because the right people haven’t tried it yet. Today is a break from my format slightly in that I’m having guests on tonight. I have a guest who is an immigrant that lived in Germany under […]

Schwester Wilhelmine

There she is, in my minds eye.. a vision in black. Her black habit hugging her like a cloud. A bit of her face visible, yes and on her head was yet another black cover, I don’t know what they call it. Mom told me that Schwester Wilhelmine wanted to marry my father before she came on […]

Small Things Count

The only bakery in town was right across the street from our home. A great baker, Herr Muenster, often looked out of the window to watch the gathered women who were just visiting with each other. The Brachwitz “accent” is one that is not heard anywhere else. It’s German alright, but it doesen’t sound like it, […]

No Doctors

Mom kept saying: “If this Dr had done his job dad would still be alive!” In the midst of all the terror we were living through it was nearly impossible to find a doctor, any doctor. They were either “missing” or killed in the war.. just like many of our younger men. They were all drafted into […]

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