Halle In Ruins

I had to ride” Rickety” to Halle to school.. about 7 miles.. in either ice and snow, not the right warm clothes.. Aunt Graete’s size 15 shoes on my little size 4 foot. Ah.. those blisters.

On summer days it actually was fun.. I liked it, and during my ride I remember I always talked to this fearsome big God.. somewhere in the skies.. whom I considered inspite of his fearsome size and character, to be my best friend. I told God everything that was on my mind. I told him I was tired of the bombs and the hunger.. and I asked him to tell Jetta who often rode with me.. (she was a farmer’s daughter and always had luscious sandwiches in her brown bag, to share her sandwich with me.) Sometimes she did.. and I would thank my best friend.. God.. for it.

After all. he had listened to me and gave me food !

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