Life Savers

Tante Hanni.. there you are, finally ! Your packages were the Best. There even was chocolate in them.. real real chocolate. We once got our hands on a piece of this silver paper chooclate is packaged in.. and we handed it in class from person to person. The uuuhs and ahhhhs could be heard outside of the classrom, I just know it. We never had tasted it, but at least now, we knew what it smelled like.
There is a Heaven.. I know this, and I am thinking there’s a strong possibility it would smell like this piece of silver paper, I mean could there be anything that smells better? To this day, I doubt it.
Chocolate.. now I was even more curious.. if it smelled like this, what would it be like to eat it? Unreal.. it was too incredible to imagine to ever have it and eat it.
But, I was wrong. Aunt Hanni put chocolate in her packages, yes, for real.. she did. This alone made her an angel in my eyes. I liked aunti Hanni.. she was outspoken and straight foreward, sorta tough at times. But I loved her so much. I think she loved me too. She was one of dad’s sisters. My dad’s sisters were much nicer than my mom’s, I think But what matters is, that both aunts, aunt Grete and aunt Hanni really helped save our lives, they did. And I know that God will reward them, I mean.. how could he not ? I loved them both.. nevermind I didn’t like one of them, there’s a difference, right? What matters is Love.. the Like doesen’t have to be in line with it.. does it?

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