Nice and warm is so very relative !

Indeed, “Nice and warm” in Brachwitz language would mean literally nice and warm. In California language it would mean ” what do you mean ?” In California.. it’s always ” nice and warm” so one would say maybe:” The usual” !Unless of course you happen to have accidentially picked the wrong road and landed in the desert, in which case you would say:” Get me out of here… this is Death Valley .” so many different climates in California, you have to experiene it to even fathom it. But Brachwitz is an all together different world. Always raining, then a sunny day maybe.. but cool  in comparison to.. you know where.

In the wintertime it’s damp, no, let me correct this, it’s wet and cold.. period. So how can one be homesick for a place like this? I dunno, as I said earlier, it’s the mystery of the human mind I think. What’s no mysterie though is.. what has happened to the skies in California and Brachwitz alike : Someone.. something, objects, planes human or otherwise operated flying monsters are spraying strange configuerations, containing only God knows what, into the skies. These are not clouds these are  sprayed materials, scary. It is often hiding the sun, but mostly it’s very ungly, looks fake, and you just k now.. these are not clouds. What.. who dares sprayng the skies? Who dares to inject a cloudlike material into God’s blue sky? I hate to think about anyone having to answer to God..” How dare you”?! Scary, very scary ! But now I derailed myself and need to get back to what I wannu talk about. All the things pertaining to Brachwitz and my life therein, and California, this place that God made, because no one else could have even tried !


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