Schnippe in Trouble


I would like to explain the alarm system in place, to warn us of either approaching, or already overhead.. bombers. Three long drawnout sirenhowls.. meant: bombers approaching.. get to your safe place. A wave-alarm, meaning up down, up down meant, save yourselves.. they already are here and the bombing has begun. The end of the attacks were loong drawn out siren howls.


I was in school in Halle when the so familiar sounds started. Three loong drawnout howels. Get Rickety girl… hurry. Jump on her and pedal for your life. Easier said than done.. because my safe place was in Brachwitz.. and Rickety keeps having flats as usual. The sirens were howling, kids running over one another to get to their safe places.. everyone worrying about themselves.. no one was worrying about me and my flat. I said to myself that it would just have to be ok to ride rickety with a flat, what else was I supposed to do? And here it came.. the dreaded whowhowhowhi up-down sound.. The bombers already were over us. No time to lose.. Go Rickety go!


Nothing here was safe.. you either got away or you did not. But I had an ” Ace in my pocket” always. I had a friend who was bigger than those mean bombs.. and the now low flying smaller planes, that picked out a single person on the ground.. and shot at them. I had a friend that would protect me, I totally trusted him. God was my best friend. I talked to him real quick, asking for protection. I felt reassured.. as I always did when I asked for help.
After all.. my friend was not just anyone, my friend was Almighty God. It never failed.. peace came over me, I knew I was not alone, I knew who was watching over me.

From as early as I can remember… I had this huge faith in God, just did! It did not seem to matter much what other people were thinking or saying.. no, it had no affect on my personal relationship with God. And what was so very huge about it.. is that I felt.. and to this day feel.. Love.

So.. off I went. Limping Rickety was going to take me home.. I pedaled and pedaled.. and the flat was scratching the road and it made the weirdest noises. But this did not matter much.. Rickety was going to hold out, besides.. I wasn’t alone, my friend was God, and God surely could make Rickety run, flat or no flat. I got to my beloved river.. die Saale. I was not far from home now. I heard Die Flack.. the guns that tried to hit the bombers.. boom boom boom.


The sound of the many planes in the air.. made an ominous “hum hum hum”. A very distinct sound that always scared the willies out of me. This time there was something different. I noticed some low-flyers. Those planes were searching for people on the ground. People like me, alone.. on the ground. “God… please don’t leave me here all alone!” I cried. Poor limping Rickety, I was wondering if she would be fixable after this kind of abuse.

I got to Brachwitz, unharmed. A woman in the street yelled at me.. what was I doing outside.. I had better get into the basement at home.. Well.. yeah.. I knew this. Obviously she could not see that I was not alone.. I felt pretty safe. Common sense and survival instinct were constant companions also.

I kicked open our front gate.. and here I saw something that frightened me. Little Schnippe was standing in the yard.. peacefully chewing on a carrot.

“Get inside, Schnippe!” I yelled. I ran up to him and knocked him over. He cried out.. I kept pushing him under a lilac bush. No sooner were we under the bush.. did I hear a sound. ” Rattattatta… bang..” Yes you mean guy, but you missed us! A low-flyer had detected movement on the ground.. and shot at us. Dust, pebbles.. dirt, stones, you name it clobbered Schnippe and me. But that was it.. Nothing deadly touched us, we were safe.

Schnippe has no memory of this, but I surely do. Little Schnippe was about three and I about ten.

When that low-flyer was long gone looking for the next victim, I grabbed little Schnippe and raced into the house, into the basement.

Once again we escaped death, as we had so many times before. Mom clasped her hands to her face and lammented: “Oh my oh my…. where did you find Schnippe.. and how did you get home from school so quickly?” Then mom just cried with relief. We were all safe one more time.



  1. Alice Nachtigal says

    I’m thinking as I read this, that there are people today who are going through these same kinds of war and I ask the Father God Who was so clearly with you to be with those other children of His who are praying for Him to protect and help them in their time of ‘war’. Thank you again for sharing these memory stories!

    • Alice you are so sweet to comment, I love you for it ! Indeed, my early faith in God got me thru lots. Only much later did I find out who Jesus is. But I wrote about this. God honored my faith, I know.. because He fully revealed Himself to me. My greatest gift in life : Both of my children are saved ! This is too big to even write about, you will understand, every christian mother would !

  2. Braedon Kuts says

    I never knew what a fantastic story telling talent you have, to share such a vulnerable memory with such vivid, clarity. You have the ability to paint these pictures right in your readers minds, creating that emotion of urgency, then relief at the end. It brought me there. Absolutely incredible and amazingly well told. Thank you for sharing.

    • Brittany.. sweet girl you are and you always were I am glad I wrote down all those memories for all in our family and those who might be interested. I wish that you and I had much more opportunity to share things, but as it is.. we are doing the best we can, right?
      God bless you and your little one, and thank you much for your comment 😉

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