After all and everything I experienced and lived through I became very survival oriented. There was not much compassion found among the people. Survival to the fittest. Uncle Ernst lived in Halle and his place was always heated and somehow there always was food. His place was where I would go to when the bus […]

Schnippe in Trouble

I would like to explain the alarm system in place, to warn us of either approaching, or already overhead.. bombers. Three long drawnout sirenhowls.. meant: bombers approaching.. get to your safe place. A wave-alarm, meaning up down, up down meant, save yourselves.. they already are here and the bombing has begun. The end of the attacks […]

Endless Memories / Oma Moves In

The more I write and dig into my memories, the more is coming back, or so it seems. And of course the good thing is that one always can stop reading should it get boring. To me though it is a certain unloading, because indeed it all is much to lug around in the memory […]

Yellow Stars

Why did they haul dad off so many times? Other than that he preached from the pulpit something the Nazis did not like.. I knew nothing. Only that the third time, mom said something about dad having asked questions about people with yellow stars on the left side of their chests. Something about them dad […]

Igelitt Shoes

If it had never snowed or had been so terribly cold, well then we would not have had this problem. We would have just been barefoot all the time. I loved it anyways, I never felt any pain when I stepped on little pebbles or rocks. My feet were used to it, besides I liked […]

My Escape From Communism

Meanwhile I was 17 and the memories of that little girl were still so fresh and they have shaped me into who I am today! To not become a bitter and negative person took much deep thought and putting things in perspective. But at 17 I was not in the place I am today, as […]

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