theaUncle Ernst was mom’s brother and he found a farm that took in needy, hungry chidren for 2 weeks to feed and otherwise take great care of them. This was a great time for sis and I. We got a bit closer to each other.. and yes, we had fun. We rode horses, ate lots of food.. In fact as much as we wanted! It was Heaven on earth! It was a break for sis and me.. very much needed and it is a wonderful memory.


The farm was near Gardelegen, a small pretty german town. Thea was a closed-mouth kid. She never shared with me the horrors she experienced.. the ones that ultimately killed her when she was in her thirties. Much later on as an adult, she finally told me about the abuse she suffered by a man who shall remain unnamed to protect his innocent family. Thea did end her life.. but I mentioned this in an earlier place. This time on that farm are the best memories I have of my sister and I. I thank God for them.


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