Uncle Ernst was mom’s brother and he found a farm that took in needy, hungry chidren for 2 weeks to feed and otherwise take great care of them. This was a great time for sis and I. We got a bit closer to each other.. and yes, we had fun. We rode horses, ate lots […]

Do Not Lie

To my father, the worst thing you could do.. is lie. It was deadly. Sorta makes me think, this need to be totally honest has been passed down to me and my children. We all are honest to a fault.. and even fibs aren’t an option. Bless Theodor Felix Reinert, a 5’3 little guy with […]


I came out of our basement.. during the night.. because bombs were crashing all around us. It scared me so bad I went poop into one of those pots we used. I was told to run and dunp it in our outhouse.. and as I opened the frontdoor.. a neighbor stood there wanting to check […]

Just This Tiny Bit

Just this tiny bit.. now has me in tears.. I guess all I saw and went thru.. never was worked out.. or even talked abt. Kids were kids who didn’t have to know anything. So.. whatever a child saw.. the child worked things thru, the way a child would. End result, Guilt, Pain.. lots of […]

Earliest Memories

My earliest horrible pains happened when I was abt 5, and the ” SS ” Nazis came to our door and hauled off my dad to Nazi-hell-jail, because from the pulpit he told his congregation to Nix.. or better ” not vote” for Hitler because he was an insane and evil criminal. Monday morning they […]