No Doctors

Mom kept saying: “If this Dr had done his job dad would still be alive!” In the midst of all the terror we were living through it was nearly impossible to find a doctor, any doctor. They were either “missing” or killed in the war.. just like many of our younger men. They were all drafted into […]

The Moon And The River

It was one of those days you are not particularly fond of, you know? The air was laden with moisture. It was sticky and warm. A strong thunderstorm had it’s grip on Brachwitz. For some reason it just would not move on, it lingered, it thundered and the skies lit up brighter than daylight. Every […]

Attempted Brainwashing

The time when the Americans occupied us was a good time. We felt free for the first time in a very long time. America gave us a taste of what a normal and good life could be like. Of course if something seems too good to be true, well then maybe it is. The “big trade-off” when the Russians […]

Fear struck

Right when the war ended there were unbelievable things that happened. The Allies had conquered our part of Germany but later on traded us for a part of Berlin, Germany’s Capital. The Americans had not hurt us at all, in fact.. as I described earlier, they actually did feed us. But when the first soldiers […]


We had some real heavy snowfall that winter and our little hills were so much fun to sled and ski on. One of these hills is called “die Ziegelscheune” what a funny name, I often wondered who invented it? Up and down we raced and climbed with our sleds, it was just so much fun. […]

Herr Haendel’s Sheep

It had been a tough school day because we had a difficult math test. Math never was my fave, it took concentration.. the one thing I was never too good at. But I do have an excuse for this, I dare say that with an empty stomach you can’t think about anything but food, and […]

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