An Meine Deutschen Leser

Viele von Ihnen kennen meine Erinnerungen, entweder weil Sie es selber erlebt haben oder Oma hat es erzaehlt ! Eigentlich haette ich ja alles auf deutsch schreiben sollen aber das haette meinen Leserkreis vermindert, glaube ich. Alles Beeindruckende und Erinnerungswerte hab ich nun beschrieben und ich werde weiter schreiben, wenn ich mich an mehr erinnern […]

The Iron Curtain

On May 9th – 1945 the “Iron Curtain” was built in Germany, dividing my homeland for almost 1/2 a century. After the Americans traded our part of Germany to the Russians for a part of Berlin, we were again under “total control!” What was the difference between being controlled by the evil Nazi regime and […]

Aehren Lesen and The Church Bell

We went “Aehren lesen” meaning we picked up the heads of wheat, rye.. oats etc, that were left in the harvested fields. My siblings and I were very good at this. We could tell if someone had made a real find! Quickly moving in on the finder.. our bags were filled quickly. It truly was […]

Gnadau – The Angry Child Strikes Again

Tante Grete did this, I just know it. She was mom’s single sister, an RN . After dad died. Tante Grete tried to take his place financially and with other important decisions, thinking she was helping mom. She might have succeeded in this.. but in the process nothing but hurt me. She was the one who sent me […]


At this point, and after my recent post “Angry Child” I feel it necessary to explain how I see a Lutheran pastor. The same probably applies to pastors of many other denominations. They are well dressed, ‘spiffy’ as Addie would say, their hands are well manicured, their demeanor is very gentleman-like, they are well educated […]

Angry Child

A little bit of background is appropriate before this story. During the 1930’s to the 1950’s maybe it was customary to beat a child for misbehaving. It was done by every parent I knew and nothing special, it was what parents did. Spankings for doing something wrong were the ‘norm’. Nurturing was not encouraged, “positive […]

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